An in-depth look

Presently, a private consultant in the industry, Elaine Lee has been in the field of fitness and health for nearly 35 years. Elaine believes in a hands-on approach to her work which maximizes both her knowledge of science and the healing arts.

For the last 29 years Elaine Lee was the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator of Club Atwater, developing and managing fitness and health business models; establishing and organizing staff in personal training, group exercise, alternative health medicine, and building and directing the club’s fitness and health programs.

Elaine’s interest and passion to study health sciences, healing, and movement started in the latter years of high school. Elaine’s hunger to learn is evident in her lifelong pursuit of kinesiology, and the healing arts, which have helped and improved the lives of her clients with conditions in Parkinson’s, MS, COPD, rheumatoid arthritis, childhood movement dysfunction, stroke recovery, and other medical pathologies.

Elaine began her career at age 18 with athletic coaching, mainly in racquet sports such as badminton, squash and tennis. Later on, much of her training involved educating athletes, as they mature, on the management of injuries and combating repetitive athletic injuries. Therapeutic rehabilitation training is now the focus of Elaine’s work. She has touched the lives of many individuals, supported them with medical therapies, provided education, information, and exercise prescriptions for the last 20 years.

Elaine’s current pursuit is somatosensory nerve cell response on a functional level based on the research of Dr. Valerie Verge; soma-training with Dr. Guy Voyer; renal transplant exercise response; cardiovascular improvement; adaptive training for the intellectually and physically challenged; as well as obesity and exercise research. Elaine has a Bachelor of Education degree specializing in Physical Education from McGill University. Additionally, she has educational certifications in sports; continuing education in specific aspects of soma training, weight management with Bodybugg®, and is a martial arts black belt in karate.